About The Niagara Miata Club

                      Fall Season is here – the bright sunny days and cool nights can’t be better to get your Miata out and roam the roads of Western New York – hope to get up to Canada before we put our cars away, but so far the rules to go and come back are too onerous!!!!!  Get vaccinated so we can get the border opened!!  August was a very busy month for events  and now we start to wind down into Fall.   September had a nice Flash drive to Fort Niagara, a picnic drive to Letchworth State Park and soon our annual drive to Sprague’s Maple Tree Farm (with stops along the way), but things are always changing so check the schedule embedded in the Miatatude (that’s the club’s newsletter), the calendar on our web page and/or keep an eye on your email as I’ll mail event info to you as things approach.   Even if you can’t join us on one of our scheduled events make sure you get that roadster out and about – grocery shopping, going to the dentist, tennis or golf – just don’t let it sit.

                          If you have anything for the Miatatude please send it to Rick – he is working on the November 2021 issue.  We will not be booking  any big events (ie banquet) for 2021 until we can see a clearer picture of the future as it relates to meetings/dinners etc.

                         The 2021 Membership applications (Renewals) are no longer available on our Membership Applications and Forms page (click on the link on the Membership Forms page – print out the PDF file and mail it in) – this late in the season they are disabled.   For those looking to join in 2022 the New Member Application will soon be  available (january 2022) on the Membership Forms page – just click on the link, print it out and mail it to the address shown on the form.

Meanwhile – Who We Are

We are a group of 75+ Mazda Miata (MX-5) owners that spend a lot of our time driving the highways and byways of Western New York and Southern Ontario.  If you are interested in joining us take a look at our pictures and club rules and if we seem to be a match then print out the membership form and send it in to the address shown on the form.   Membership is currently $25 per year and runs from January to December each year, but due to the weather we do the majority of our activities from March or April to Late October.