About The Niagara Miata Club

                      Spring is here – we’ve had some beautiful days to start April.  It is time to put your Miata back on the road (if you hid it away for the Winter).   We will have some events this year if things continue to improve Covid-wise.  I know everybody was disappointed we had to cancel events in 2020, but it is sure nice looking at the folks that renewed this year – we stayed about even in the membership rolls – we have 70+ cars and that will probably grow as the year progresses.  My Miata is up and running and I saw two Miatas cruising down the road during my first trip out today.  We hope to have an Ice Cream night in April and I’m hoping for a drive and take-out BBQ in May for an early event.  Stay tuned.

                          If you have anything for the Miatatude please send it to Rick – he is working on the May 2021 issue.  We will not be booking  any events for 2021 until we can see a clearer picture of the future as it relates to meetings/dinners etc.

                         The 2021 Membership applications (Renewals) are now available on our Membership Applications and Forms page (click on the link on the Membership Forms page – print out the PDF file and mail it in).   For those looking to join in 2021 the New Member Application is now also available on the Membership Forms page – just click on the link, print it out and mail it to the address shown on the form. Those that joined in 2020 will automatically be renewed for 2021 without additional membership fees.

                         Check our calendar for events we held in 2019 to see if they are anything you’d like to join in.

Meanwhile – Who We Are

We are a group of 70+ Mazda Miata (MX-5) owners that spend a lot of our time driving the highways and byways of Western New York and Southern Ontario.  If you are interested in joining us take a look at our pictures and club rules and if we seem to be a match then print out the membership form and send it in to the address shown on the form.   Membership is currently $25 per year and runs from January to December each year, but due to the weather we do the majority of our activities from March or April to Late October.