Club Rules

Niagara Miata Club Policies

Membership Application: An application or renewal for membership requires the ownership of a road worthy Mazda Miata. The club officers have the authority to make limited exceptions for renewing members no longer owning a Miata.  The primary exception will be provided for active members with 5 or more years of membership who meet ALL of the following conditions:  a) have not allowed their membership to expire; b) served as a club officer for three or more years; and c) own a 2-seater sports car as determined by a majority vote of the club officers. Members with 5 or more years of membership reaching the age of 65 may remain in the club (paying yearly dues and completing the yearly application) regardless of their ownership of a Miata or an approved sports car.  Other exceptions may be made by unanimous vote of the current club officers (8/25/2018).

Club Officers:  Club Officers are as follows: President, Events Coordinator, Membership Chairperson, Treasurer, Miatatude Editor and Web Master.  Each officer receives one vote on matters pertaining to club rules (02/02/2017).

Membership Fees:   Annual dues are set at $30 which include owner and passenger.  Dues are waived for club officers in appreciation of their time and effort on behalf of the club.  Dues run from January 1 to December 31 of each year (12/3/2013).  No reduction or pro-rationing based on joining date will be granted, nor refund given once the Kick-Off Brunch is held each year (11/9/2016).

Non-Members:  Non-members are limited to TWO invited events (Ice Cream Nights not included) before they are required to join.  Non-members must be invited by a current member and sign the club’s Release Form prior to attending a lunch run, dinner run or driving event.  Members inviting non-members must notify the event host and obtain their okay prior to the event.  The Release Form must be signed and returned to the event host PRIOR to the start of the event.  It is the responsibility of the member that invites a non-member to obtain the signed Release Form and present the Release Form to the host and explain the club guidelines (no speeding, no passing, etc) to the non-member. This cannot be waived or put off until later.  Signed Release Forms are to be forwarded to the club president if he/she is not in attendance at the event.  The president should maintain the Release Forms for future use.  Non-members may attend unlimited Ice Cream Nights without signing the Release Form as these are non-driving events.

Non-members cannot attend events subsidized by the club (Kick-Off Brunch, annual picnic, Banquet etc). People helping out (not driving) at an event are an exception – for example a non-member that helps cook or set up an event.

Members always have priority over non-members should events be limited.  For example – if an event is limited to 10 cars and only 8 members sign up by the due date then two slots will be available to invited non-members.  If 10 members sign up by the due date they will have priority over any invited non-members even if the non-members signed up first.  Exceptions to this policy can be made on a case-by-case basis, but must be voted on and approved by a majority of the club officers.  The event host should be consulted and approve the exception.

Death of Club Car Owner:  Upon the unfortunate passing of a club car owner the car’s owner spouse or significant other may renew their membership for the next full year with a one-time exception from paying dues or having to satisfy the Miata ownership requirement. (07/24/2022).

Event Guidelines:  In an effort to make our rides uniform and safe, we must conduct all activities in an orderly manner with respect for others on the road, we must obey all local and state motor vehicle laws including speeding limits.

  1. All cars should stay close to the car in front of them, about a car length for each 10 mph and no more than one phone pole apart at 55 mph.  This will limit the temptation for other cars to cut into the group from a side road.
  2. We will keep our groups to a size that will not cause traffic problems. If necessary, we will break down into two or more groups in congested areas, if traveling long distances or as needed.
  3. Reckless or unsafe driving is prohibited. Passing a car in a convoy is strongly discouraged unless they wave you ahead, pull off or it is appropriate for safety reasons.
  4. We will wait for a stranded or slow car. The leader will pull over in a safe area with room for his/her whole group to wait for the dropped car.  If traveling through a populated area with traffic lights and stop signs we will regroup outside the congested area by pulling over. Hosts should arrange to have a seasoned member as the last car to keep an eye on the group and keep in touch with the lead car via walkie-talkies or cell phones.
  5.  Club members attending drives/events and not driving their Miatas will arrange with the event host to either meet at the destination or drive behind the participating Miatas. An exception can be made if a non-Miata owner is hosting and/or leading a group enroute  to an event.